After a customer was denied service for refusing to wear a mask, Benjamin Martin, together with a video camera and a few other members of the Coalition for Individual Liberties, went to Ace Hardware in Fresno, CA to educate the staff about our civil liberties per the U.S Constitution.

Prepared with literature explaining our rights – including the right to shop without a mask – Martin and his co-members maintained a respectful and peaceful demeanor while interacting with the manager, other staff, and customers at the store. The group explained that per the Constitution, the owners of corporations have no legal basis to require customers or staff members to wear masks, and employees cannot be fired for refusing to wear masks – even if their employers claim otherwise.

The Coalition for Individual Liberties is available to support citizens across the nation who are turned away from businesses for refusing to wear masks. Please check out the video at the link below and become involved to protect our liberties!