This is another resistance campaign to help chip away at the medical tyranny in our state.

We believe that when enough people file complaints against the AACO health director’s medical license, from that he will be removed. We probably need 100 or so complaints to accomplish this task, but the good news is that doing so will get him out of the way for good. Otherwise he can continue to work as a doctor in the state of Maryland.

So while the complaints are being filed against his license, we also intend to get the sheriff involved and give the sheriff an opportunity to be a hero. This will entail getting a statement from the sheriff of his position on the actions the AACO Health Director took last week by circumventing the councils due process legislation and mandating masks etc on his own by declaring another emergency. If the sheriff is not willing to make a statement to the AACO Health Director on behalf of the people whom he serves then we may attack the sheriff’s surety bond if this turns out to be a viable strategy.

Here is a template of what you can include in your complaint against Kalyanaraman, or another health officer if you are in another county.

Date issue started: January 7, 2022 (this is the date that he took it upon himself to declare a state of emergency in AACO counter to what the council had just decided).

Send to:

Maryland Board of Physicians
INTAKE UNIT 4201 Patterson Ave
Baltimore, MD 21215

Complaint against Physician:
Dr Nilesh Kalyanaraman
Anne Arundel County Department of Health
3 Harry S. Truman Pkwy
Annapolis, MD 21401


  1. Doctor Kalyanaraman, who is not an elected official, went beyond his scope of medical practice to make a county order for patients not under his direct medical care.
  2. Doctor Kalyanaraman provided substandard care by requiring my family, coworkers, and myself in Anne Arundel County to wear a mask without completing a complete history and examination on each of us as residents of Anne Arundel County. (Make it specific to you and your family.)
  3. Dr. Kalyanaraman also encourages other people such as business human resource managers and store managers to practice medicine without a license as they prescribe their employees or patrons to wear the mask which is a medical device, inside their facilities.
  4. The mask requirement is causing me to experience (pick one or more) — sinus infections, facial rashes, dental issues, lack of oxygen, asthma exacerbations, anxiety, eye infections, memory loss, brain fog, fogged up glasses causing danger walking, being reprimanded and extracted from stores and restaurants because I cannot wear one, being fired from my employment because I cannot wear one.

Respectfully request:

  1. Physician be reeducated on appropriate medical care for individual patients.
  2. Physician be educated on the dangers of mask wearing.
  3. physician provide at least 5 or more clinical studies proving masks prevent the transmission of COVID 19 virus. Studies must be independent and not be funded or published by any government or pharmaceutical company.
  4. Physician be required to take a class on the Maryland Constitution to understand he has no authority to make a public medical order.
  5. The medical board determine appropriate fines, probation, and/or removal of license.
  6. An answer by the physician I can forward to my attorney within the next 10 calendar days (put a date here).

In his order it is stated:

Today, as Anne Arundel County continues to experience rapidly increasing COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths amid the extremely contagious omicron variant, Anne Arundel County Health Officer Dr. Nilesh Kalyanaraman declared a Public Safety  Order pursuant to state law to require face coverings in indoor public areas and outdoor public settings where distancing isn’t feasible.

“Masks and masking requirements have been demonstrated to be effective at decreasing COVID transmission and hospitalizations,” Health Officer Dr. Nilesh Kalyanaraman said.

You can add to this or change it however you want. The important thing is people start filing the complaints, ensure you include the request for proof of mask success, and include specific ways in which you are effected. We need to do this quickly since after 30 days, it could all go away if Lockdown Larry removes the state of emergency again.

I’d like to keep track of how many we have so please either contact me with the contact form or leave a comment below and let us know so that we can tally how many are taking this action.