Our legislators both Republican and Democrats using the color of safety to impose a 11% tax on gun purchase transactions that is actually imposed on the dealers and FFL’s which could lead to a 33% increase in the purchase price of the firearm, parts or ammo. They call the bill Comprehensive Community Safety Funding Act because the tax will be split to different sectors which have to deal with the results of the gun violence such as shock trauma centers. This is deception of rights being infringed under the color of safety.

Both these bills already had their public hearings. The video below is clipped from the House hearing and includes only the questions and only the opposition. The opposition was represented by Maryland Shall Issue, John Josselyn of 2A Maryland, Benelli/Beretta headquartered in Maryland, NRA, and others. There was strong opposition even though there are 30 Delegates and 15 Senators who initially supported the bill. Some of the supporting delegates were asking pointed questions that indicated to me they no longer support the bill.

The next step for these bills is for the committees to vote it out of the committee and onto the floor. We the People don’t get notice of when that is occurring. In the meantime, the only option is to send the committee members additional testimony via email, although they claim they won’t read it if it wasn’t submitted during the time of public hearing. After the bills leave committee, it goes to the chamber floor for vote. Again one could email their representatives in each chamber to vote against the bills at that time. 

Listening to the attached video of the questions and opposition, I don’t believe this will get out of committee. Maryland Shall Issue basically testified it will challenge it in court if it does get passed.

This video and understanding these bills is pertinent to your standing up against the governments constant grab for our 2A rights. PAY ATTENTION!!!

Links to bills – SB0784 / HB0935 Comprehensive Community Safety Funding Act

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