You know how Q, President Trump and so many off the grid news sites hosts talk about our current government being a Corporation and subsidiaries of the main corporation? And you know how they talk about how we need to separate from those Corporations? Well, I’m hoping this post helps to get you started in that direction. I don’t claim to have all of the answers here, nor is that my desire, however this is a great place to start. And it helps me use it as reference for all my friends so that I don’t have to keep typing everything over and over again. 😉

Now I don’t have a lot of references yet backing up this whole idea and movement. I decided to take this path with a huge leap of faith! It is however the only path that makes any logical sense to me. So the story goes like this:

Back when President Lincoln took office he was supposedly the first President to ever enact executive orders. You should find the part about the executive orders interesting. How is it that he was the first president to do that considering he was number 16? Think about this a minute. Why would they be called Executive orders? Perhaps because they are being created and ordered by an Executive, like a CEO? Well that is supposedly case, that Lincoln was the president who sold us all out and created the US Corporation, making him the first CEO of the newly created Corporation. As a CEO he can now write executive orders and one of the first ones he wrote was that lawyers and attorneys can become President of the USA, INC. You see he was a lawyer and by right he should not have been President. Our original Constitution specifically stated that (would love to have a reference here for this, but I don’t just yet). And apparently Lincoln was very Marxist and his winning campaign after a few prior losses, was funded by the rich in NY, probably even Rockefellers. So there you have it – the beginning of our socialism, the beginning of the breaking down of our Republic of States, the beginning of the war against evil started with Lincoln. See the book referenced below which does have many of these details.

Now the left has been rewriting history for a very long time, and it started back then. So you won’t find much in the history books about this anymore. But other historical researchers have found court documents where a judge makes statements referring to 2 parallel governments existing back in that time. You see the people weren’t happy about this as they knew Lincoln was Marxist, and they protested and got themselves into trouble ending up in court, just like is happening today. So we can get more of this history from the court system which did not get rewritten than from the history books. We also get it from other banned books etc, and at some time I plan to have a list of those types of references as well.

But even before Lincoln, is our founding fathers and the founding itself. It didn’t happen you know over night like so many people think. There were years of conflicts prior to the actual Declaration of Independence and the eventual Constitution with the Bill of Rights. The thing that I find interesting and learned from a Western Civ class taught by Hillsdale College is that back then the freedom the pilgrims sought was freedom from the Catholic church. The settlers were Protestant and didn’t want to have anything to do with the evil catholic church, as they saw it as tyrannical and slavery. So the whole experiment of a free country was not just free from anarchy but also freedom from the catholic church. You see today where this is prevalent again. I don’t know about you but in my Christian upbringing, I never learned that Catholicism was evil. I learned to treat everyone the same no matter what their religion or their beliefs. Today I clearly see the evil of that religion, and see how it was that fear which drove the Colonies to revolt and create the free states.

Another thing that I think is important here for those of us living in Maryland is the story behind our nickname – The Free State. So if you look on the Maryland State website today for how we became known as the Free State it will indicate the prohibition movement and that this state allowed booze to be sold making it the Free State. Interestingly if you look at the date on the state’s website this change to the story behind the nickname is Jan 2021. And if you search further and find the archives, you will find that in the archives is a different account of how this state acquired the nickname, and this time it will mention abolition and that this was the first state the slaves encountered as they ran north to their freedom. Ok that is a little bit more respectful and believable. But if you look at the western civ accounts we were the Free State because it was the only colony which allowed freedom of religion! In the other colonies if you did not want to worship the way the colony was requiring then you needed to leave and find another colony. So you see how history has been rewritten even as recent as January 2021 and as far back as Lincoln’s time because after the civil war is probably when Maryland decided to change the meaning behind it’s nickname.

So now back to the State Nationals and fast forward to today. Others can and have provided much better accounts between then and now, so again eventually I will have more of those references.

Today everything is a Corporation, thanks to Lincoln; the state and local governments, the police forces, the legal system, the executive branch, the legislative branch and even the supreme court and of course the banks, and churches. Now the interesting thing about a corporation is that it is an abstract entity. Our founding fathers never intended for the government to be a Corporation, an abstract entity. And when you are born onto this soil, your parents unbeknownst to them, signed you over to be an associate of the Corporation when they signed your birth certificate. At that moment you became a slave to the Corporation and under their jurisdiction which is sea, merchant law. And you are held to all the crazy laws they created under the corporations simply by that social security number. And now you pay taxes, and follow their rules.

It is said and perhaps proven that you can’t solve systemic problems as those which exist in our current government today with the same system which created those problems. So we won’t be able to solve the government overreach, the BIG government growth, the squeezing out of people and the medical tyranny all that exist today, you won’t be able to solve those with the current government. It is far far too corrupt. So what do we do? We can’t create our own huge military to overthrow the current government. So what do we do?

We separate from their system of lies and slavery. We separate from their rules and we correct our status to have our jurisdiction back on the land and soil of our country! The land and soil our country was founded on and where the corporations do not have jurisdiction. We follow the steps our founding fathers provided in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. And we re-establish our government by the People and for the People. Basically we restore the Government as it was prior to Lincoln.

With this correction taxes no longer need to be paid. So once we as State Nationals reach critical mass, the funding needed to hold the current government together, will no longer be available and so the government will fall without needing any military force. We are not talking about 20 years from now. We are talking about 2 – 3 years being the prediction.

But what about my social security and retirement, you ask? Well you paid into that system, so you will be able to get that gift back out of the system. But it is a gift from the Corporations. You just have to think about it differently.

So what are the other benefits of this correction? Well you first have to understand that none of the benefits can be obtained easily and without resistance. But today your freedom under the Corporation cannot be maintained without resistance either. So you have resistance no matter which path you choose. The real benefit to becoming a State National is that your resistance is backed by Common Law and the judicial system supporting us will not be the Corporate judicial system. You see even the lawyers BAR is yet another corporation and it refers to the British Accreditation Record. Hmmmm. So as a State National we seek counseling with common law experts who are not associated with the BAR and we hold our trials with jurors of our peers (other State Nationals) in courts where we claim jurisdiction on land and soil, not in sea and under the oath of Britain, or the Queen or the King. So with this setup we have a fighting chance to win the cases of trespassing that are currently being inflicted upon us.

So you will need to continue to be resistant to the rules and regulations and the tyranny and corruption, but you will now have a system of law that is not following the corrupt practices that you would otherwise be subject to if you remained a US Citizen. Even the driver’s license and traffic violations fall into this category. As a State National you don’t have to renew your driver’s license, but you may want to if you can’t afford to pay for damages to another persons vehicle should you accidently run into it. And you don’t have to drive the speed limit as long as you are not infringing on anyone else’s rights. And when the police officer is behind you with the red and blue lights flashing, you don’t have to pull over, but you should to avoid escalating the situation. Then speaking politely to the officer and showing your State National identification which includes statements “Do Not Detain” and others valuable for this situation, you should be able to be free to go. There are of course techniques to success to this type of resistance, but my point is that you will still have to exercise resistance to the Corporations while they exist. The consolation is that you have the original Constitution and Bill of Rights and Common Law, and a network of other State Nationals backing your rightful actions.

[CORRECTION – this paragraph about voting applies to ASNs who record their status with the State Assembly. I’m not sure if it applies to recording your status following other methods, but I will find out and will post when I have a definitive answer.] Now there are a few issues that some may see as drawbacks to being a State National. The main issue is that of being a registered voter in your state for the privilege of voting for these actors in the Corporations called the Government, i.e. you will no longer be a registered voter. You are probably thinking that this is not a good thing because you will want to vote for Trump or some other conservative again. But let’s think about this for a moment. If our goal is to remove the existing Corporate government, then we need to let it fail, or even better, bring it down as quickly as possible. We can’t keep giving in to the carrots they dangle out in front of us to coax us to bow down to them. Again I don’t have references for this, but supposedly we as State Nationals are eligible to be state electors for the electoral college. Now remember the way our Constitution was set up, this is actually better, because it is the electoral college that actually elects the President, not the popular vote. So as a State National, if you decide to run and get elected to the state electoral college, your vote will actually count!

We currently have enough people who have corrected their status to have all of the 50 states represented in what is being called State Assemblies. Someone said we have 100 million members which is about 1/3 of the US adult population. Wow! I don’t think that number is accurate, and again I don’t have a reference for it, but when I do I’ll post it.

So along with the voting, we have to look towards the future. As we force the fall of the Corporate government, we the State Nationals will be the ones who are now eligible to vote for the replacements. Those who are left behind as US Citizens will not be able to participate in those elections and so the tides will turn. So we are currently in a transition period and actually have parallel governments in operation just like happened back in Lincoln’s day. Exciting when you think about it, huh?

We will need to also get involved and help build the restored government based on our original Constitution so that when the fall occurs, the new will be there to step in and take it’s place. We have much work to do. I believe this is what President Trump was referring to when he mentioned so often, “It is now up to the People.”

Anna Von Reitz and her legal team did much of the legal and historical research for this movement and restoration as well as others. And today many resources are available to help us correct our status and topple our current government and replace it. It’s here folks, this is going to happen, it has to! It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when and when is NOW! Not in your grandchildren’s lifetime, it is happening right here on YOUR watch.

Contact our Maryland State Coordinator using our secure contact form, and follow the short and easy process. Our State Coordinator and his recording team together have a tried and true process that simplifies the correction process. You will have to get many documents notarized, first to prove that you are who you say you are, and then to declare your independence from the Corporations and all they have tied to you. But in the end it is true freedom!

Be a part of the solution!!

Begin In Your State:

Helpful Videos & Websites:

Where does the Convention of States come in as mentioned in Article V? This is using the same corrupt government to solve the problems the very corrupt government created in the first place. How rational and successful does this sound? There is also a movement behind the United Postal Union, but again they are part of the corrupt and bankrupt Corporations. Be careful who you decide to follow.

And can’t you simply create your own assembly and go from there? Yep and some people are trying to do exactly that. In fact the Constitution allows for Assembly of the People.

However many of these groups (Convention of States, USPS Union, and any State Assembly through the Global Intelligence Agency are not promoting correcting your status and severing the link with the corporate government. Without having the status to be on the land and soil and as a sovereign as King George III actually designated back when the Revolutionary War battle was won and as designated in the Paris Peace Treaty, you are simply going to continue to be treated as one of the US Citizens (British subjects) now governed by England. The Paris Peace Treaty was later ignored when the corporations were created as part of the terms of the debt to England and US Citizen became a term subjecting sovereign Americans back to England, again. Having the status of American State National is the only way to separate as the King originally intended. Nothing else in our Constitution or in the statutes allows for this separation. Here are some groups that are attempting to create the assembly without correcting your status. I list them here so that you know they exist and can look for yourself that they skip this very important step. (Domain names that look suspicious are suspicious!)

  • Global Intelligence Agency – (Where did .agency come from?)
  • MD State Assembly – (Notice the .info domain is not one recognized for business or for government, but only for providing information. It seems outside the realm of its domain then to be taking action which it is.)
  • (I will add more here when I find them.)

Founding Documents (References [not complete]):

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