Per the U.S government and many other governments, traveling to visit your relatives or perhaps to return to your own country will soon not only warrant (possibly invalid) COVID tests and wearing masks (which are linked to several medical issues), but proof of vaccinations as well!!!

Yet do not lose hope! A new organization, Freedom Airway, is currently working on a most promising, unique solution – one that would protect our constitutional rights and keep the economy afloat while allowing us to once again fly with dignity. The founder of the group, Dolores Cahill, a professor at the University College Dublin and an international expert in molecular biology and immunology discusses Freedom Airway and what the organization means for us in an interview with James Corbett.  

To ensure, and further the success of Freedom Airway, Cahill partnered with two other organizations to create FAFTA, a group comprised of the World Freedom Alliance and the World Doctors Alliance, in addition to Freedom Airway. FAFTA is registered in the U.K and U.S.A as a British-American joint venture, with founding members in twenty countries so far, including Thailand, Estonia, France, Portugal, Denmark, Bulgaria, Canada, Ireland, and Australia

As Cahill claims, Freedom Airway is prepared to fight for our right to travel, our informed consent, and our bodily integrity, and the organization very much appears to be a win-win for businesses worldwide, including airlines and airport shops, hoteliers, restaurants, and local retailers, as well as individuals around the globe who have a variety of important reasons to travel – and to do so with dignity!

Consider the millions of people who have been, and continue to be affected by this illicit travel ban: family members who are unable to attend the funerals of loved ones, citizens who still cannot return to their own countries, individuals who cannot visit a sick relative or a new baby, and volunteers who are prevented from assisting hurricane and flood victims, or delivering vital supplies to those in need.

The sheer brilliance of Freedom Airway is using the free market to push back on the globalist agenda! Currently, the organization is seeking five Angel Share Investors to help buy an airline to arrange flights to cities that do not require PCR tests or vaccinations. The group also hopes to work with “Freedom Hotels” and “Freedom Restaurants,” which could put pressure on politicians to institute their city, state, or country as a “Freedom Site.” Additionally, the group is consulting with lawyers to establish protection for passengers en route in the event authorities overstep their powers by enforcing masks or demanding proof of testing or vaccinations.  

Incidentally, Cahill is currently studying the sequencing of PCR testing in Ireland (PCR = “polymerase chain reaction,” a test used to detect COVID 19) and is hopeful the results will invalidate the findings of “positive” COVID tests, which have been used to initiate lockdowns (there is much speculation, including the reports of whistle blowers, that PCR tests have not been analyzed to differentiate influenza from COVID 19). Cahill is also encouraging over fifty countries to sequence PCR tests, and if her research shows evidence of reporting false-positive COVID tests, she plans to take her argument to the High Court in Ireland.

There is no doubt that widespread reporting of false-positive COVID 19 tests would result in a variety of legal actions involving doctors, politicians, those administering the tests, and insurance companies.

Becoming involved in Freedom Airway will not only help boost the economy and allow us to fly with dignity, but in a free market way, we can call out politicians and will be able to influence local and national elections alike. To learn more about, and support Freedom Airway, as well as discover their first planned flight, please visit