💥💥Want to stop the overtaking of our country?

💥💥Want to stop the communist overthrow that has started since 2020?

💥💥Want to do this but don’t know how?

👉👉One step in the solution is to elect officials who are aware of what is actually happening! Find people who are willing to lead who are knowledgeable of communism and willing to publicly talk about it. Leaders willing to stand up for our Constitutions and willing to take on the constitutional role of government – that of protecting our rights, not taking them away or limiting them in any fashion.

One of those leaders is Gordana Shifanelli! Listen to her here and then educate yourself. She is running as Lt Gov of MD along side of Dan Cox another great constitutionalist!

And if you don’t believe that we are being overtaken by communism, try reading the communist manifesto. And see how we are in lockstep with what has been planned.

Communism IS HERE!