We have a possible strategy to use against elected officials who continue to violate our rights with the decisions they are making. We are not yet clear on this process but are still investigating it.

Based on initial research, in Maryland when an elected official takes office they also take an oath to uphold the Constitution. Believe it or not, this is not the case in every state anymore. 

In order to hold them to that oath, it appears there may be a surety bond that is taken out on the elected official perhaps even behind the scenes and unbeknownst to the official. It appears a few claims against the surety bond will require the official to be removed immediately because continuing to insure that official becomes too risky.

Again we have much more research to do on this, but if anyone else has anything to add or would like to help and research it more, please contact me and we can work together. 

Here are some references for now.



Surety Bonds – https://bondsforthewin.com/#

More on surety bonds – https://suretybondauthority.com/public-official-bonds/

Join us on telegram – Bonds for the Win – MD where you can help or just keep track of our progress. Note this is a channel set up for working specifically on the bonds not for other news about other politics or happenings. Please don’t go there to post unless it is about the using the bonds as our leverage. tg://join?invite=MZ_S8eEIU8xiY2Jh

It looks like the bonds are held in the Comptroller’s office. If you want to get info for a bond of an elected official in the state of MD, here is the address:

attn: Bonds 
Goldstein Treasury Building
80 Calvert St.
Annapolis, MD 21404 - 0466