There it is folks. The feature image shows who locked down and who didn’t. This was a screen shot that I grabbed around August 2020 after already having 5 months of lockdown for most states. I cannot find my original resource of this diagram, but maybe you can. If you do, post the url in the comments below.

Why is this important? Well if a Governor locked down a whole state, which part of the Constitution did he/she follow to do that? The correct answer is NONE! There is no seizing of property, (which is what a lockdown actually is), no restricting a person’s rights anywhere in any of the 50 state’s constitutions nor in the United States Constitution! Many amendments broken with this.

Today it is December 20, 2021 and everyone is google-eyed at Desantis because of how much he is now opening his state, and passing legislation against the mandates. BUT he still locked the down the state! And my question is, has he removed from his state legislation, the statutes that he claims allowed him to do it in the first place? This all fell under legislation that was created from 2001 – 2008 when event 2020 was planned and sars cv 1 along with the 9/11 established governors gathering together to determine TOGETHER how emergencies should be handled. And there was a federal level model that each state pretty much adopted. I will provide references to that later.

The important part here is these are the states that locked down. Are you sure you want to move there?

To be clear, here are the states that did not lock down – North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, and Arkansas. Only 5. That’s only 10 %. 90% of Governor’s do not know their Constitution.

Yes you may download that image and display it in your own post or presentation, whatever. It is there to share as well as this post. If you want to comment below, please do so! Get this conversation going!!