Wooo Hooo!! Restore The Free State is transitioning from an incorporated entity to an unincorporated entity, a Private Members Association!! We believe that unincorporating is not only good for our audience and have suggested it many times, but that it is also extremely good for us!

Our mission will remain the same and will actually be able to expand. We will not be restricted from supporting candidates running for elected positions and look forward to sharing our preferences! We will continue to attend and support resistance efforts and again will be able to be even more forceful without the fear of the incorporated government affecting our efforts in any way. We will use any funds we receive for marketing materials to enlighten the public with the new narrative to include signage for protests, banners, and any other mass advertising we can afford to utilize.

Since we are promoting unincorporating as a method of escaping the tyranny, we thought it would be best if we did the same! Some of our corporate leaders have already changed their status to American State Nationals and remaining a corporation was not aligned with that status. This transition also helps us help you better because we will not be tied to the statute regulations of a 501 non-profit in any way. So when we emerge from the transition we will be able to support any and all candidates for elected offices without restriction. This is something we eagerly look forward to.

As a result of our transition, we need to hold on any donations for a short period of time, probably 60 days. After that we can start back up with small membership dues instead of donations. Once you are a member there will be certain privileges opened to you, but at this point we haven’t yet defined those.

If anyone would like to be involved in the leadership of this PMA please let me know using our contact us form. If you’d like to become a member be sure to subscribe to our newsletter where we will provide updates on our progress.