Power is many times looked upon as the offense, the attack. But we can shield ourselves using the power that we’ve been given in the existing statute law.

The power I’m referring to here is the Writ Of Mandamus. This is a court order from a higher level court to a lower level court or municipality, to follow the existing laws or existing court orders. In this case we the people are filing the Writ of Mandamus to the district court of Anne Arundel County to order the Governor and his executive branch to uphold their oath to uphold the US Constitution as well as the MD Constitution.

That’s all that is being requested. But it is a powerful statement when a court administers this action from the People to the executive branch of the government. It is not a lawsuit which demands retribution and it is not a criminal action which demands justice and punishment. Instead it is simply a demand to our employees to follow the contract they have with us.

Typically the Writ is filed by another court judge who notices some wrong-doing or notices an existing order of the court is not being followed. In this case the Writ is recorded in the court and we the people are ordering the wrong doers to right their wrongs. Once it is filed in the Court the documents also have to be served to those listed.

Here is the Writ as it was filed by Andrew Kuhl on October 13, 2021. What we need is for more people to provide their stories of how this government overreach which began in March of 2020, negatively impacted their life. It doesn’t matter how little, it doesn’t matter if you perceive the impact of being simply inconvenience. What matters is that you join forces with others here and make a statement by adding your story to the list by submitting a notarized affidavit of your testimony.

You may see this as a glorified petition and in a sense it is. But it is much more powerful than a simple petition. It is your story written in your words. Not just your signature. Your story is witnessed, locking in the seal of truth. And it is being submitted directly to the court system not just filed in someone’s database. This is a real opportunity to tell Hogan and his executive branch in your own words how his emperorship has devastated your life.

You can view other examples here, and you can download an affidavit form to fill out yourself below. Select the format that best matches the digital capabilities you have, MS Word, Old MS Word, RTF for other editors, or google Doc if you don’t have any tools available to edit the forms.

Once you’ve downloaded the form, make sure you find all the places to enter your name and address. Then modify the content to best describe your own circumstances. This is a time to leave out your emotions and simply state the facts. You should not embellish either or exaggerate. If you can quantify losses, that would be helpful no matter how small.

After you’ve completed the modifications to your form, get it notarized and be sure to sign it in the presence of the notary. Title companies, tag service companies, banks and UPS Stores all have notaries. After it is signed and notarized, scan your signed and notarized document into digital format (Office Depot lets you scan to a flash drive or to an email address – send to yourself first!). Then send it to Andy so that he can add it to the case.


Here’s Andy’s talk about the Writ of Mandamus.