In my talk and later my post regarding living independently, I referenced many other people’s works about common law and about alternative ways to structure a business so that it remains unincorporated. Here are links to some of those references:

Alphonse Faggiolo on Telegram – Advocator of Common Law practices and providing assistance in many normal situations like traffic violations, taxes etc. He also an excellent collection of videos and I recommend starting with his How to Staying Out of Their Courts (2 part series) as a great place to start learning about common law.

Common Law templates for filing affidavits against an employer can be found at Commoner Law. They have an excellent video that explains the power of these documents and the process. Download your own set of documents specific to your situation for just $15. Then find others here in MD to get the references specific to Maryland, and to share and learn. The templates were created for California and need all references to California changed to those specific to Maryland. There are a few people working on these together here in Maryland. Contact me on our contact page or leave a comment below if you need to be put in touch with one of the groups working on this.

Common Law Affadivit templates for general use can be found here. These are general cases and not specific to defending oneself against the mandates.

Private Members Association chat group on Telegram – new group who together are wading through the waters, but some good info here. First message is about How a Medical Practitioner can operate outside the Public Domain using a 1st &14th (youtube video –

(Coming soon – link to video about Private Education Association)

Changing Political Status – I only touched on this in the talk. Separating from the US Corporations is I believe the best approach because the statutes and edicts no longer apply to you. Here is my post about methods to accomplish this separation. And an interview that I did with Shadow Citizen.

Adding a comment below with notifications will alert you to any changes or additions made to this post. As more reputable references are found I will post them but these are currently my most valued.