This post is the content from our Unmask Thyself part 2 forum. We started with a review of part 1, the underlying psychology of masking and of standing up for your rights. The slides following are a snapshot of that which we covered in depth. You can follow along in the attached video replay of the forum. Or you can watch each If you have any questions or comments you can post them below if they are available.

The following are videos of people entering places of business as humans, no face covering. Hopefully you watch these have a little chuckle and then gain from them the confidence to do the same. The video replay of the forum is also below and includes the same videos as well. So you can follow along watching the replay and hear our discussion or view each video right here. Feel free to use our wordings, and advice to free yourself of this oppressive act! If you have any questions or comments, you can provide them in the comments below if they are available, or send us a note from our contact form.

Asked, wanted documentation, No service dog doc is not same – service dog is not a medical condition, succes but don’t return!
Pressure from bladder shows through! Very controlling manager at Petco. Not successful.
Trish at Trader Joes! Go Trish!! Trish took control!
A little compromise because the kid was sick. Still had same physiological reactions! Still success!
Teens can do this as well. Listen closely at the end to hear her response when asked. She was trained by the best!

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This is the ultimate. Failure in morning brings out the big guns. Listen to what he says – “I here to serve you placing you personally under arrest”. Success! No arrest necessary.

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