Do you believe our forefathers thought it was the government’s job to decide how to educate your children, or that the government should force you to inject a vaccine into your body? Additionally, whom can you call when criminals are roaming your neighborhood and the police are instructed not to respond? Whom can you call when your rights are being violated in another way?

Unfortunately, Canadian citizen Chris Sky, who was unaware of our legal rights associated with wearing masks, learned the hard way. While shopping at a grocery store, he claimed a medical exemption for not wearing a mask and the police arrived at his HOME some time later!

In an article and video published March 20, 2121 on, an alternative news site dedicated to true journalism, author Dylan Eleven celebrates Toronto activist Chis Sky for standing up to several members of law enforcement in his own driveway to resist an illegal arrest.

After Sky had signed a police document when under duress, the activist then claimed he “refused to be bullied or tricked into allowing himself to be arrested for not wearing a mask at Longos Food Supermarket in Toronto.”

Oh course, there are good cops and bad cops, yet viewing Sky’s persistence in the video at the link below would be valuable for you and./or your friends, family members, and neighbors who feel their rights are being violated (thank you for standing up Chris)!!!

However, as a member of People’s Rights (, Chris could have received instant, extensive support. People’s Rights is an organization that WILL help if you feel the government is violating your rights by overstepping their intended powers. If Chris had been aware of, and had been a member of People’s Rights, he could have made one phone call and numerous supporters would have shown up in his driveway to help him defend his rights, as well as his property.

Please view the link below and visit the People’s Rights Website to learn how each of us can protect our rights, especially as our government is becoming less and less trustworthy and reliable.

Video link: