As a U.S citizen, can you imagine opening your door to a government official who has a warrant to inject you with a foreign substance?

Medical tyranny! We, as Americans, should NOT be required by law to inject a vaccine into our bodies – just as the New York Mayor has no constitutional right to control how much soda individuals can consume!

Thankfully, Attorney Ana Garner of New Mexico, who has overseen many high-profile cases, has filed the first ever lawsuit against mandatory COVID injection vaccines. Spiro Skouras of The Activist Post interviewed Garner on March 7, 2021; incidentally, YouTube instantly banned the interview but rightfully so, the ban is now reversed.

Garner was prompted to initiate the suit – the first of its kind – when she learned that an organization in southern New Mexico is threatening employees to have the vaccine if they wish to keep their jobs. Unfortunately, many reluctantly agreed to be vaccinated for fear of losing their incomes. However, an employee named Isaac Legaretta, a 23-year-old correction officer and former marine, refused the vaccination and is now being represented by Garner (those who succumbed to the shot are prohibited from joining the lawsuit).

The suit is being funded by public legal organizations and Garner’s co-council from New Mexico, whom are devoting their services at half the usual court costs to support the community and hopefully set a new standard for legal precedent regarding mandatory vaccination.

Garner immediately sent a Cease and Assist letter and filed a temporary restraining order against the employer for threatening her client’s job, although her client was actually forced to attend a counseling session! Can you imagine the humiliation of attending mandatory counseling because you refused a medical treatment that is not even approved by the FDA?

Although the judge denied the restraining order, he did schedule a briefing and fortunately, Isaac has not been fired.  

In the interview, Garner explains the legal argument by stating we have two federal statues that conflict with one another. The bottom line is that the different vaccines are being misrepresented as safe and tested – a fact that cannot be determined in mere months.

The suit is receiving extensive coverage, including positive coverage in the El Paso area, in The Hill, and even in a publication in the United Kingdom. Yet not surprisingly, the same cannot be said about the mainstream media.

Regardless of the outcome, the attorney claims the suit will be appealed in the 10th circuit. Garner hopes many other states will file similar suits, and she is also involved in the December 21 suit that challenges the governor of New Mexico’s enforcement of a public health emergency. Even if we did experience a public health crisis, this no longer the case; death rates were significantly inflated, and the possibility of A-symptomatic transmission – which many of the new laws are based on – is a mere myth. Therefore, as Garner claims, the governor’s restrictions are invalid.

New Mexico has some of the strictest COVID mandates in the nation.  At one point, the state even set up checkpoints to prevent residents from leaving their counties! We cannot allow this to happen! Hopefully, attorneys in many other states will follow ”suit” (no pun intended).

Garner is prepared to take the case to the Supreme Court if necessary.

We need to do our part! We need to protect our given freedoms and liberties by standing our ground against mandatory vaccinations! As stated in the interview, we are uninformed of the medical risks of the vaccinations, including potential autoimmune diseases, which some scientists’ believe could be one of the long-term adverse effects. Even those who make the vaccines say they cannot guarantee that the injections will prevent COVID or the spread of COVID. PLEASE join us by exploring the following links: