These are petitions to reopen specific entities and businesses.

Petition to Open Churches NOW! Sign the petition to Affirm that We Vote Yes for State Legislators Who Uphold Religious Freedom! Without religious freedom the State and its legislators become God. First steps towards socialism start right here with this concept. For a country whose very origins were forcefully secured and then proudly celebrated in the fierce exultation of religious freedom, this is a stunning turnaround. Even if you are not religious or do not attend church, please sign this petition to continue to have these freedoms should you ever decide to become religious or attend church. And sign it for your children to have that freedom and for your neighbors to have that freedom.

PETITION: Maryland Barbershops and Beauty Salons Soft Opening. This is a petition by Moveon to allow a licensed beauty professional to perform a beauty service privately with one client in the salon at a time as of Monday, May 4, 2020. My only objection to this petition is that it should not be a soft opening, but rather an absolute opening where the shop owners can have the policies they desire. But signing the petition will help get the soft opening at least. Some of this has already occurred and is now in the hands of the County Executives.