We know from history that tyranny will not give up its power without a battle which will be costly and now lengthy!

Restore The Free State is currently undergoing reorganization (read about it here) and is in the process of transitioning from an incorporated entity to a Private Members Association which is an unincorporated entity. Since we never achieved 501(c)3 status during 2021, no donations which were made were tax deductible, but we won’t ever complain or provide any of that data to any IRS agents or any other government agent. 

As a result of our transition, we need to hold on any donations for a short period of time, probably 60 days. After that we can start back up with small membership dues instead of donations. Once you are a member there will be certain privileges opened to you, but at this point we haven’t yet defined those.

If you find what we are doing valuable however and still wish to donate now, please contact us and we can arrange a cash donation to our continued efforts, or you can donate to our top choice non-profitCoalition For Future Maryland. This is the organization that is funding the legal battles against the University of Maryland Medical System for their medical tyranny through the use of mandates. 

Thank you for your patience while we transition and transform!! Good things are always worth waiting for!

Thank you so much for your support.