HB17- Consent of the Governed Act

Testimony Needed Now!!

Tuesday JANUARY 26Testimony Deadline

Its time folks!! Our General Assembly is no longer asleep!! (They may not be awake, but at least they are no longer asleep!!) If you are concerned about our current environment and I surely hope that you are, then you need to get involved in politics NOW! We need YOUR testimony, NOW! Don’t whimp out with the excuse that we can’t do anything because the odds are against us. We have to at least try! So join us and try!! Your voice DOES matter!!

[Full text][Follow progress] HB 17 Bill Summary:

For the purpose of limiting existing emergency powers of the governor and allowing for meaningful General Assembly advice and consent.

A state of emergency may not continue for longer than 14 days unless the Governor, with the approval of the General Assembly renews the state of emergency for no more than an additional 14 days and that The General Assembly by joint resolution may terminate a state of emergency at any time.

This act prescribes the time and manner that the General Assembly must convene in special session if not in regular session.

Changes penalties from criminal to civil and reduces fines and penalties from not exceeding one-year imprisonment and a fine of $5000 to $50.

An emergency order issued under this title does not apply to members of the General Assembly or the Maryland Judiciary.

The Governor or any staff member of the executive branch may not threaten a member of the General Assembly or Judiciary for an alleged violation of emergency order.

The governor nor any official or employee of the executive branch may require a member of the General Assembly or Judiciary or any member of the public to remain indoors.

Limitations on business or other private property, church, schools shall be “narrowly tailored to meet the exigencies of the public emergency.”

MOST IMPORTANYLY The emergency order is in effect no longer than is necessary to meet the exigency giving rise to the emergency and the General Assembly assumes its function as a co-equal branch of Maryland government.