Advertise here! As part of our effort to support small business, we want to give back to those who provide significant level donations. Provide us with your advertising copy to include image and words as well as a link to your site and we will feature it on our front page. As we meet significant milestones in our efforts we will build up to that milestone with significant out reach through email and social media campaigns, with what is typically know in marketing as a launch and pre-launch. You benefit by having your ad ready to go for the launch!

Our pricing is fair and supports your business as well as our efforts. We emphasize it is a cooperative effort.

We expect approximately 10,000 views during the first week after we launch. We derive that from:

  • 25,000 Reopen group membership
  • 2500 end The lockdown membership
  • 2500 other group memberships
  • plus more
  • 30% estimated will view gives 10,000 view potential (10k views is nothing to sneeze at)

So far we have determined 2 distinct milestones – Launch and Case Filing. Others to be determined.

We will have 4 tiers of advertising with different levels of pricing for each one. Listed from highest price to lowest:

  1. Front Page First Displayed
  2. Front Page second – sixth displayed
  3. VIP Sponsor page
  4. Sponsors page

The website will have 6 slots for front page advertising. These will be full width images with partial text and are set up as sliders, where each ad is displayed for approximately 20 seconds and then the next is displayed. They will be front and center on the landing page of the website and take up about half of the vertical space of the page. A thumbnail of each of the 6 ads is also shown so that all can be viewed to an extent while the first one is displayed. All the links in all the posts and announcements of our beginning will point to that page. The first ad displayed will always be the displayed upon visiting the website. Prime property for a nice large donation.

The VIP Sponsors page will be a page of ads displayed in grid format or list format. And the viewer can scroll through each of the ads. These will have smaller image size as the space will be more limited.

Both the front page ads and the VIP Sponsors page ads will have unlimited text in the description and a graphic image. The image and copy are provided by the donor. Our ad sales team can provide assistance with the ad creation and has the right to edit in order to get the ad to display nicely on our website. (We want to control some amount of color coordination and light/dark areas.)

The lowest priced ad is a simple text ad or mention on the Sponsors page. The text ad will be limited to the number of words

All ads will allow a click through to the donor’s website, and click through tracking if they request it.

Currently for ad pricing has been established as follows:

  • Front page first displayed – Price $1500, full width ad, half of the displayed page.
  • Front page next displayed – Price $1000, full width ad, half of the displayed page.
  • VIP Sponsors page – Price $500, 1 – blog type post with image and headline.
  • Honorable Mentions page – Price $250, approximately 100 word text with click through to website (no graphic).

Contact us and ask for our Ad & Marketing team leader to get your business noticed!