This video interview is on Facebook. These 2 doctors who are also owners of an urgent health care facility, indicate that the virus is being used as an excuse for the lockdowns and to support the hidden agenda of controlling our society. If the lockdowns are not necessary for personal safety as we are all led to believe, because the virus carries no more risk than the common cold, then why are the lockdowns continuing?

The doctors also indicate that there is no reason any more for the lockdowns, and that doctors are being directed to record the virus as the cause of death on death certificates. We have more details about this tactic in an upcoming post, but take a moment to fully understand the immensity of these statements. Here are 2 doctors who are claiming that other doctors are recording the cause of death inaccurately. That even if the patient dies of say a heart attack that the primary cause of death recorded on the certificate is virus.

Does this make logical sense? What effect does that have on the lockdown? Well the more deaths there are from the virus the longer it takes to reach the goals established by the Governor, and therefore the longer we are all in lockdown. This is one aspect of the hidden virus agenda, that of control. Control of the economy, control of the people, and even control of allegiances. Squash out the small businesses, put fear into the conscious of the citizens, and they start worshiping those who then come along and rescue them from this suffering.

These truths that are now coming out support the idea that the lockdowns were unnecessary in the first place. And now that this information is available, the lockdowns should be terminated. But instead they continue, again supporting the insanity of those in our leadership positions and supporting the idea that the whole agenda is that of control.

Only together will we be able to rise up from this control being placed on us. Only together will we be able to gather enough forces and overcome our adversaries. Remember all the people back in the early 1940’s who thought for the sake of safety, for the sake of their economy, their neighbors who were Jews, had to be transported out to special housing locations and … locked down. How many of those outcast at that time, disobeyed and found their way via some underground network to freedom and true safety. We are being outcast, and those who unfortunately happen to test positive will be even more outcast. Continue to learn, continue to have an open mind, and continue to seek others who are like minded. And together we will rise up and we will be able to release ourselves from this control.