There is pretty solid evidence that the WHO, Fauci, Gates and even other people like the Clintons, are pushing forward to achieve a mandatory vaccine for this and any future viruses. The following posts will highlight key points and present evidence through links to other more official pages which support this theory.

When looking at our own set of data itself, it’s kept in silos within us, and therefore it is a highly time-consuming task for each person to identify the right dots and information pieces, to connect them, to make sense of them, and finally to communicate and interpret them in a way that is right for that person. (Thanks to semantic-web for the beautiful graphic above and an excellent explanation of knowledge graphs.)

That’s why keeping an open mind and allowing yourself time to consider alternate perspectives is so important. As you allow more dots to enter into your mind, your intuition will do the connecting for you and you can then arrive at your own independent conclusion. It won’t be a conclusion pushed on you by people in power who have their own agenda or pushed on you even by those of us behind this website. Our goal is to present data in such a way that it is just unbiased data, just another dot, that you can interpret based on your own perception.

As more of those dots are presented here you will see a pattern take shape. The discussions will add more validity to those patterns or others. This is just a drawing board for as many dots as we can find that have a strong basis to them, and on which we can draw the lines and connect the dots.