Restore The Free State! is a grassroots non-profit organization established to bring together under one umbrella structure the many existing groups and individuals concerned about limitations of the Maryland Emergency Management Plan and fighting for those restrictions to be lifted. Together as one concerted effort we can have much greater impact and be much more effective in efforts to educate and organize citizens to challenge the MEMP through litigation and educational campaigns. 

Did you know that one of Maryland’s nicknames is Free State from 1864 when it was one of the first to prohibit slavery?

Maryland At A Glance

We see 4 major areas of concentration of our efforts to be revenue creation, reach-out and expansion, legislative pressuring, and audience nurturing. And we need YOU!! We need your help to break our state free from the over reaching control the Government has placed on us. As you have experienced over the whole year of 2020, this is not going to go away any time soon and it is not going to go away without a concerted effort within our state. We’ve all thought – oh it will end next month. And then next month comes, and it either continues or gets worse.

What can you do?

Join us!! We need people to help with digital efforts, social media, canvassing and leading! We need a strong leadership team of people who can empower their teams to accomplish not just great things, but impossible things!! We need leadership who can get their team FIRED UP!! We need YOU!!

And if you are the type of person who can get out there and get things done, we need that more than  ever!!

Whether you think you can or think you can’t you’re probably right! Henry Ford

The founders of Restore the Free State! believe we can accomplish the task before us! And if we believe, then you should be able to believe it as well. We believe in ourselves and the strengths given to each and every one of us as human beings, and as a result we believe in YOU as well. We believe you will step up and bat, and swing your hardest, and hit the home run!! If everyone at least steps up to bat each one has the opportunity to hit the home run!! But not stepping up to bat, you don’t get that opportunity and we as a group and as a state lose. Please step up to bat!! Enroll today to join our effort! Remember Maryland’s nickname is The Free State! Help us return to our origins – Maryland, the Free State! Help us Restore the Free State!