Made in America Only Sold Here!

We are still under construction!!

Restore The Free State! Only merchandise made in America will be sold here!
And it is here now!!

Presale – $25!! The coolest tshirts ever!!

We have super cool tshirts on presale! That means you pay us $25 for the cost of the t-shirt and you will be guaranteed to get a shirt as soon as our manufacturer gets the order completed! The presale money helps us pay for the setup and the costs of purchasing the order. Once this batch is manufactured we will have them available for sale at any of the in-person events, gatherings and protests. So order one now!!

We will not be able to ship the shirts to you at this time, so please contact us to place your presale order and to make arrangements for pickup. You can use our contact form, or send a message to our fakebook page – Restore The Free State.

Check our events pages to learn the next event and location where we will be selling them.